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Experience the Powerhouse difference and see why over 100 USport/NCAA Athletes trust us with their training


Discover Why We're London's #1 Facility For Serious Athletes

Over the years we've built ourselves to be the leader in the London area for strength and conditioning for serious athletes with 12 CFL draft picks, 100+ USport/NCAA players and 35+ CJFL players. Out of these athletes there has been 7 All-Canadians, 18 Conference All Stars and 9 All-Rookie team members.

Come out to Powerhouse and experience the same training that many of the top players from the London area have committed to over the years to help them excel and and reach their highest levels of performance.


What Our Athletes Say About Us...


Click below to watch video of what some of our athletes have to say about Powerhouse 

Nate Behar | Edmonton Eskimos 1st Round CFL Draft Pick
Zack Medeiros | Grey Cup Champion
Jacob Ruby | Edmonton Eskimos 1st Round CFL Draft Pick

Our Programs

The majority of the training here at PTS is performed in small groups. This allows us to give plenty of individual coaching to each athlete with the benefit of working in a competitive, motivating atmosphere with teammates and competitors alike and also allows us to keep prices much lower for the athletes.


Customized programming that has been utilized by hundreds of Usport/NCAA athletes.

Strength training cycles planned throughout the year dependent on age, training history and stage of season (offseason / inseason) to allow for continuing strength gains.

On average, within a year of consistent training, our athletes have seen gains of:

  • Bench +70lbs
  • 225 Bench Reps +10 Reps
  • Squat +120lbs Deadlift +105lbs

Dynamic work (sprints / jumps / throws) periodized and structured based on sport, position, age and level of athlete to allow optimal adaptation and progress.

On average, within a year of consistent training, our athletes have seen gains of:

  • 10 yard sprint times 0.2 seconds faster
  • Broad jumps +9.5 inches vertical jumps +5 inches

Conditioning based on sport / positional needs so you can show up for camp in the best shape possible.