It's all about the athlete

Powerhouse Training Systems was designed and built to train athletes to become brutally strong, powerful and lightning fast. Sound training principles rooted in proven methods are combined with an intense atmosphere and a blue collar work ethic to create an environment that is unmatched at any other gym. By using a small group training approach, athletes get just as much coaching as they would in a private session (at a fraction of the cost) as well as a great, motivating and competitive atmosphere where they are pushed to higher levels by their teammates or training partners. 

In an industry where most gyms and health clubs focus on appealing to the average person who is fine with achieving average (or no) results, PTS caters to those who strive to be better than average. Whether you are an athlete trying to make it from the bench to the starting lineup, or from the starting lineup to the next level, or even just a "regular" person who knows that to achieve extraordinary things in life, you have to work your ass off to get there, PTS has the equipment and the knowledge to push you to become above average.